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D. Glenn Smith, Jr.
D. Glenn Smith, Jr.
I work hard to handle my client's cases in a thorough and principled manner. My philosophy is to prepare for the worst, but expect the best. I will treat you with respect, answer your questions thoroughly, explain your legal options and return your phone calls promptly.

Estate Planning

Thinking about death is not something we like to do.  But when you consider that a good estate plan will avoid some troubling and perhaps costly problems to the loved-ones you leave behind, there is certainly an element of thoughtful nurturing to planning for the inevitable.  No responsible person wants to leave a "mess" for their heirs. More importantly, appointing guardians for your children and ensuring that funds will be available and used properly for their benefit is one of the primary purposes of estate planning.  

I offer estate planning services at a very reasonable cost, especially for young families.  At a minimum, your estate plan should include:

A Will (husband and wife as the case may be, or one will for a single person);

Durable Powers of Attorney;

Designation of Patient Advocate (sometimes referred to as a Living Will);

Testamentary Trusts, if needed, are included in the will also. (A testamentary trust is a type of trust that can be included in the body of a will and does not have to be funded before your death)

As a Kalamazoo Estate Planning Attorney, I can also provide services in addition to those outlined above in the simple will package, including special needs trusts, spendthrift trusts, and ladybird deeds. (a type of deed used when a person conveys real estate but retains a life estate; sometimes useful in Medicaid Planning)


This printable questionnaire will help me better understand your asset composition. After we discuss your goals for distributing your assets, I can more fully explain options for the right estate plan. The form is lengthy and some of it may not apply to your situation, so just take your time and call me when you have it completed.

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