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D. Glenn Smith, Jr.
D. Glenn Smith, Jr.
I work hard to handle my client's cases in a thorough and principled manner. My philosophy is to prepare for the worst, but expect the best. I will treat you with respect, answer your questions thoroughly, explain your legal options and return your phone calls promptly.

Real Estate Law

SSSHHHH! Quieting Title to Real Estate. My real estate includes the process of quieting title to real estate when necessary to obtain title insurance or simply to enable a seller to warrant good marketable title in cases where a cloud on title exists. For example, there are times when real estate purchased at an estate auction or tax sale may involve someone whose interest in the property was not eliminated properly. Such is the case where an action to quiet title is necessary. I have a great deal of expertise in this area and enjoy a very good working relationship with local title companies and investors.

Land Contracts- I represent sellers and buyers in the formulation and execution of transfers of real estate under land contracts.

Boundary Disputes, Easements and Title Insurance Claims-

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